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Before you see the Doctor, note down:

a) symptoms

b) how you feel and when, during a 24 hour perios

c) what medication you are already taking

d) how long you have had symptoms 

At the consultation, use this checklist to prompt your queries:

1. What do you think is wrong? What is the diagnosis?

2. Are test(s) required? When will they be done?

3. Why are they necessary?

4. How / when do I get the results?

5. Treatment options

6. Who would you recommend I go to?

7. What’s the next step?

8. Where can I get more information? Is there a charity or support group  I can contact?

9. Is there any lifestyle change needed / what else can I do for myself?

10. Who should I call if I start to feel worse?


It is well known that we all forget 50% of what we are told during a consultation, and this is a veyr good way to make best use of important consultations.

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The Patients Association, PO Box 935, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 3YJ

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